Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SxSW Countdown [43 days]

Every year, the city of Austin, Texas has the South By Southwest Music and Film Conference. My sweet lord, what a time to be here. The streets are packed with people going show to show, movie to movie. I, of course, stay on the free side of things. Last year, I did my first review of it for Evolve Happy. You can read my recap HERE.

This year, we're trying something new to enhance our experience. On the Black Fontanelle compound, located right beneath my feet, we're hosting a free day show. The idea started out simply enough when we asked, Montreal band, AIDS Wolf if they needed a place to stay during that week. They accepted and we quickly started "joking" about how they should play a show in our carport. They again accepted. Well, damn, time to plan a show. Since that day, we at the compound have been collecting acts, and it has turned into one hell of a show. Two stages. Eight bands confirmed. Forty-three days and counting.

Thursday, March 19
The Black Fontanelle Compound
Austin, TX:

(Montreal, Quebec) Skin Graft Records page / theirspace

Magic Jewels (Austin, TX) theirspace / youtube

Eat Skull
(Portland, OR) theirspace / youtube

Hot Lava
(Richmond, VA) website / theirspace

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