Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bermuda Triangles live mp3's and video

photo by Erin Mullarney

I wish this guy was recording shows when I lived in Richmond. The sound is pretty damn good, especially on the Nara recording. Check out these free mp3 downloads of Bermuda Triangles, recorded by Silver Persinger. Also, a video by Silver from their show on September 19 @ The Trippple w/The Intelligence.



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Drum-Machine Circle!

Recently The Awthum Empire has hosted two "Drum-Machine Circles" on the pedestrian bridge just south of downtown Austin, the most recent was on 9-9-09. I got to experience both events and it was super "awthum" both times!!!!
These are all the videos I could find online from both... yeah, you had to be there.

BONUSSS!!!! I just wanted to draw attention to a few folks I've been talking to online recently...
How I Quit Crack <--- btw this is the girl who shot/posted all of the drum-machine circle vidz, check out her other stuff on youtube <3<3<3
KOKOFREAKBEAN <--- my new fav artist from San Anontio who also does COMPUTER JESUS REFRIGERATOR
and finally,
fЯ☆†3r h☆†3Я
Enjoy having you mind blown!

Trip Glasses!!!!

All of the Compound crew have been having fun with these things we found recently called "Trip Glasses"... Dave just got some and mine are on the way. They don't make you feel like your tripping, they basically work like a Dream Machine using blinking LEDs and sound frequencies that match the brain waves of deep meditation. You won't see unicorns and rainbows, but you actually will see some really "trippy" shapes and fractal looking things and experience some weird sound effects. Plus, they really make your brain meditate, they look totally bad ass and the audio comes out of an eight inch headphone jack (I will be experimenting with that for sure)!!!! They work great sober, even better stoned... but I tried them actually tripping and I wouldn't recommend it.

You can buy a pair for only $40, CLICK HERE!

Here is a video of some peoples reaction to Trip Glasses, and then the creator Mitch Altman explaining how they work ("Trip Glasses" were originally called a "Brain Machine"):

Trip Glasses from Alex Brooke on Vimeo.

And as a bonus, the same website that sells the Trip Glasses ( also sells something called a "555 NoiseMusick Kit"... CHECK IT OUT!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Eats & Munch Crew - Pain Jams

From Bill Porter, aka Big Eats, here is the long awaited solo collection, "Pain Jams." Bill has played in many Richmond, VA bands including Hallelujah! and HO-AX. Currently, he plays percussion and keyboard for Bermuda Triangles. I just finished listening to it and it's really awesome. There are a lot of guests performing on it, hence the "Munch Crew," and it really adds a lot of flavor to some already tasty morsels. Hey, look! I made food references in a food-theme-named music project!

Below you will find a synopsis from Big Eats' blog, as well as a full download of the album, supplied by Bill himself. DAMN THE MAN!

"Here's something I've spent the last year or more wanting to release as a CDR. Since I have the power of the internet at my fingertips (as well as some free time) I've decided that it's time to just put this thing out for free online. I may make a limited run of them in November along with another project I've been working on called 'Women Of Rock' and 'Silver Ninjas'. I will also, in the near future post the full length self-titled release of 'Bloodbanks' (featuring Clifford Schwing on Sax) Big Eats is myself playing beats, samples, guitar, keyboards and basically whatever was around. Vocals are done by friends on certain tracks. On a couple occasions friends made sounds." - Bill Porter

Big Eats & Munch Crew - Pain Jams .rar
Files must be extracted after download. Download will expire on September 25, 2009. Also, please note, there is a permanent link to download the album if you go through Big Eats' blog. I made this special one, with fixed ID tags, because I'm a perfectionist that way.

Bonus track:
Big Eats - Abslt Sht (unfinished) .mp3
from the Black Fontanelle compilation, SING A RAINBOW!
This download will also expire on September 25, 2009.