Saturday, May 30, 2009


Holy Shit!!! I had never heard of the Syrian pop artist Omar Souleyman before, but recently the 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog posted an mp3 of Omar Souleyman's song "Lansob Sherek (I Make You A Trap)" and this video:
 I immediately ordered the "Highway To Hassake" and "Dabke 2020" CDs from Sublime Frequencies and now that's all I've been listening to lately!!! If the insane electronic keyboard wizardry and the hectic drum-machine claps don't grab you, then you're a soul-less twat...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Some awesome Richmond, VA bands I've seen recently!!!

CavesCaverns image for Black Fontanelle post
CAVES, CAVERNS play great instrumental, surf-kraut-rock-freak-out jams...and they use a Theremin too! I got their CD at the show and it is REALLY good!!! To get one you can contact these boys here.
DiamondBlackHeartedBoy image for Black Fontanelle post
DIAMOND BLACK HEARTED BOY is a very powerful and unique matter if he's performing alone, along with his laptop, or with backing members it's always a tense yet entertaining affair. He has an amazing new 14 track EP available for FREE download at his myspace profile. 
SpiritFingers image for Black Fontanelle post
SPIRITFINGERS are a brand new band who's first show literally blew my mind. I was a fan of a couple of the members' previous bands RAM ROD and BUNNY RABBITS, so I had a feeling they would be great...but this stuff is in it's own realm of badassness. Sadly there are no tunes on their myspace profile yet, but keep your ears won't regret it. 
Head Molt image for Black Fontanelle post
HEAD MOLT just moved to Richmond from Hampton, VA and upon arriving added Travis of ACROSS on vocals. For those who haven't witnessed the beast that is a Head Molt performance, one can expect brutal effects-pedal manipulations, pounding drum triggers, mutant vocals, spasms, bleeding, scraping, etc. Great fun!!! They have tons of tapes available HERE and, local label, FLISH RECORDS just released a split 7 inch with HEAD MOLT and LAZY MAGNET, jump on this one because there are only 200 copies pressed!!!  
Lazy Magnet/ Head Molt image for Black Fontanelle post