Saturday, June 27, 2009

SING A RAINBOW! CD almost out of print.

Times are tough, money is rough.

When we first released our latest compilation, SING A RAINBOW!, there were 200 copies pressed. Those copies are now down to about 20. This is not counting the copies still floating around Austin record stores and various other locations. Once those beautifully packaged, shrink-wrapped CD's run out it will still exist, but only in CD-R form. It'll still be pretty, but in a different way. Any ideas on how to make a CD-R version are greatly appreciated.

That being said, I've added some new tracks to OURSPACE, from this awesome disc, for a limited time. I wanted to put them all on there, but that's just not possible. Plus, I didn't want to assume I could upload too many of the many talented bands and artists without their permission. So head over and check them out. Putting the list on 'random' helps me listen. It's hard to decide a track order for songs that were already randomized to begin with. Here's what's new...

They Lean On Fences! by Modern Man (also available on his album, Machine Room)
Abslt Sht (unfinished) by Big Eats (Bill Porter solo track, beatnik apathy ensues)
Tornado Alley by Bermuda Triangles (Jason Hodges solo track also featured on Terror In The Tropics from CNP Records)
Such A Sad Day by Acheronian (unreleased track from VA's master of doom)
That's Right! by B L A C K I E (from Wilderness of North America)
B L A C K I E is performing along w/Bermuda Triangles and Head Molt, on Monday, in Richmond. You lucky sonsabitches.

also added:

Machismo (live 03.19.09) by Magic Jewels (recorded at our SXSW 2009 day show)
Magic Jewels are heading into the studio, next month, to record a brand new full length album. Details as they develop.

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