Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Drum-Machine Circle!

Recently The Awthum Empire has hosted two "Drum-Machine Circles" on the pedestrian bridge just south of downtown Austin, the most recent was on 9-9-09. I got to experience both events and it was super "awthum" both times!!!!
These are all the videos I could find online from both... yeah, you had to be there.

BONUSSS!!!! I just wanted to draw attention to a few folks I've been talking to online recently...
How I Quit Crack <--- btw this is the girl who shot/posted all of the drum-machine circle vidz, check out her other stuff on youtube <3<3<3
KOKOFREAKBEAN <--- my new fav artist from San Anontio who also does COMPUTER JESUS REFRIGERATOR
and finally,
fЯ☆†3r h☆†3Я
Enjoy having you mind blown!

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  1. Found a blog post with more vidz: