Sunday, June 6, 2010


Ah, the SUPER VACATIONS return with their 2nd LP, entitled "Thicker Milk," coming out this month on SHDWPLAY!!! All of the surf, garage, psychedelic elements are still intact, but this album definitely isn't as fuzzed out and lo-fi as their amazing debut. But fear not, their sound doesn't suffer at all from the better production quality, plus this time around they've stepped up the song writing and have crafted some extremely catchy jams that I've been spinning around the house constantly since it's arrival.
There are a lot of folks doing the psychedelic pop thing these days but with this album's dreamy vocalizations, killer riffs, and infectious melodies (and not a stinker out of the 21 songs!!!) "Thicker Milk" proves that these boys are at the top of the game. Check out their track "Be Glad" and hear for yourself!!!!!

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